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All About All About Beer

Our own local beer celebrity, Julie Bradford, receives a nice piece of press this week. Julie just happens to be the editor of All About Beer, which is a world wide magazine that is devoted to something we are all interested in.
Both, the Durham Herald Sun and WRAL have posted an article on their websites. You can read the Herald Sun’s version here.

It’s very nice to see Julie get a bit of praise for all of the hard work that she (and the rest of the staff!) have done for the craft beer community. Many beer nerds started their attack on the beer world based on articles and reviews that have been printed in ‘All About Beer’.

In honor of their acknowledgment, the crack staff here at beerinator.com have gathered the top 10 reasons why we love their magazine!

Top 10 Reasons Why We Love All About Beer

10. It’s glossy! Look Ma. No newsprint!
9. There’s a 30% chance you’ll recognize the cover model.
8. There’s a .001% chance that the cover model will be you!
7. The good Michael Jackson.
6. The only Roger Protz.
5. The World Beer Festival.
4. The Buyer’s Guide- beer reviews.
3. Beer Talk- reviews that we learn from.
2. Stylistically Speaking- Keith knows beer!
1. It’s about BEER!

Thanks to everyone over in Durham that’s keeping our favorite glossy beer magazine on the shelves! We appreciate all your hard work!


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