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A Glass Full.

There are dark beers, and there are light beers. There are malty beers and there are hoppy beers. There are many different types of beers out there, and no style is the same. Within each style, each brewery will brew a different beer differing slightly from other breweries’ offerings. From the biggest most full bodied American Strong Ale, to the cleanest, crispest Pilsner, each beer has something different to contribute.

Each beer has something to give to the world.

Today, I received the news that I had lost one of my beer friends. She wasn’t a friend that I could only talk beer with, nor was she someone that was as crazy about beer as me. But she and I probably wouldn’t have become friends if it weren’t for beer. We met through friends that also joined the rank of my friendship because of this lovely beverage which we all seem so interested in.

Lives are often cut short, and people that we love are taken away. Even if we are only distant friends, the losses are often sharp and the pain is difficult to put into perspective. I know that the loss of Rebecca will be felt more deeply by others who were closer to her than me. But the knowledge that she and I will never share another beer together strikes me hard.

Beer has brought me close to many people. We all have ‘other’ lives that have little to do with beer, but it is this one part of our lives that seems to have brought so many like minded people together. I wish that Rebecca didn’t have to leave us, but I am glad for the time that I got to know her.

Rebecca gave something to my world.

There are beers poured into belgian styled tulip glasses and there are beers poured into shaker pint glasses. There are beers that are garnished with a lemon and there are beers that are flavored with roasted coffee beans. There are hefeweizens that are served in huge tall glasses, and there are barleywines that are presented in smaller than normal sized glasses.

Beers poured into short glasses might be deceiving at first. We may be unhappy at the fact that they’re not as big as others. But often these beers are full of flavor, packed to the top of that small glass with an experience that shouldn’t be missed. The full flavors of malt and hops that are overflowing from a barleywine will usually last for a while on your palate. If you are drinking a well made barleywine, you won’t easily forget what it is that you’re drinking. The flavors will remain in your memory for the entirety of the glass, and they will linger on for a good time after.

My memories of Rebecca will remain with me. Even though she didn’t get the chance for a long life, she was full enough in life to leave all of her friends lingering, savoring over the memory of her. I am glad that I got the chance to be her friend in beer.


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