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From the Mountains to the Sea!

From the mountains to the coast, Pop The Cap is moving. We’ve sat on our rear ends for too long here in the triangle. The furthest west we’ve held events has been Winston-Salem. The furthest east has been Edenton in Raleigh.

During the next two weeks we’re going to be vastly expanding those limits, and I want you to join us. Saturday August 14th is going to be a good day to sample beer in North Carolina’s mountains. Asheville, NC is a beer town among beer towns in the southeast. There are some great breweries within the Asheville area, and a few good beer bars. The next Saturday we will be Popping The Cap on the other side of the state in Wilmington.

The event in Asheville is going to be held at Barley’s Taproom. The taproom is a dual storied complex of beer nirvana. Downstairs there is a big bar stocked with 24 taps concentrating on local and regional beers, with a few imports and American Micros thrown in for good measure. The upstairs bar adds 19 more beers to the mix. To top this all off, you have a pizza oven in the back and a full menu to compliment the malty goodness.

Pop The Cap’s Asheville event is expecting beers from many of the local brewers. Asheville Pizza and Brewing, Highland Brewing and French Broad are three of the locals that are bringing beers to sample. Dogfish Brewing out of Deleware has donated a keg of Raison D’etre to the mix, and there will be offerings from Mash House, Sierra Nevada, as well as a big beer from Rogue. There will be something special present that isn’t being discussed at this time. (I know something you don’t!)

If this event weren’t enough, or maybe you’re afraid of hills, you can always aim your gas guzzling SUV towards the coast in two weeks. August 21st in Wilmington Pop The Cap will pop up again. There is a joint called The Soapbox LaundroLounge that will play host to our Coastal event. A local radio station will be helping to host and they’ve gathered 5 bands from the local scene to provide some background tunes to help with the sampling. The beers for this event aren’t totally ironed out, but we’re contacting Front Street and Duck-Rabbit to see if they can attend, and I’m sure that our Asheville connections will be donating some brews to send to Wilmington. Mash House, one of the biggest beer sponsors to Pop The Cap, will also be there.

There is also a hint of a Californian Brewery sending some beers our way that aren’t normally available for purchase here in NC. If things work out correctly we may end up ‘learning’ a few Beach Bums a thing or two about hops.

I know that sometimes I feel like a Dead Head must have felt when they were following the Grateful Dead in their VW bus. I am devoted to changing this law, and Pop The Cap, and I’m in it for the long haul whether that be a physical ‘long haul’ or a mental one. A few hundred miles can’t stop me. I wouldn’t try to get in my way if I were you. Join us in Asheville or Wilmington if you can. If you can’t make it, you can still show your devotion to the cause by sending a few bucks that you aren’t spending, to help us pay for our lobbyist!

I’ll be seeing you guys in the Mountains and by the Sea!


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