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NC Brewers Get International Recognition

Four North Carolina Brewers bring home awards from the 2010 World Beer Cup. Outer Banks Brewing Station, Olde Hickory Brewery, Foothills Brewing and The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery Inc. all won medals!

Inaugural Charlotte Craft Beer Week

The Inaugural Charlotte Craft Beer Week is scheduled for March 18th through March 28th. That’s eleven days of glorious craft beer in the Queen City!

North Carolina brings home some medals!

Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery (Farmville, NC) and Foothills Brewing (Winston-Salem, NC) brought home some shiny new medals to hang on the wall at the recent Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado.

NC is Beer Country!

The CNN.com travel section is trying to send outsiders into North Carolina to drink beer. You might want to stock your beer fridges now!

Know Your Brewery Maps

KnowYourBrewer.com has created an all encompassing (until the next one opens!) brewery map for North Carolina that you can check out on their site. 38 Breweries and Brewpubs on the maps are something that NC should definitely be proud of! Go NC Beer!

Ashevegas Loves Sam

Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales sent their founder and President, Sam Calagione, to spend a few days drinking in one of North Carolina’s beeriest cities. A few area beer blogs have captured what happened over the weekend in words and pictures.

A Friendly Face on Screen

Soon after this year’s Craft Brewers Conference, a video from the opening session was released. This video entitled “I am a Craft Brewer” happened to have a very recognizable face among all the Craft Brewers.

Sean Lilly Wilson, leader of the Pop the Cap movement, and founder of the soon to be Fullsteam Brewery, was [...]

Fire at Greenshields Brewpub

Information gathered from morning WRAL news broadcast.
Overnight, a fire started in Greenshields, a downtown Raleigh Brewpub. The firemen claim that the fire started in a vent system, and they seem to have contained it without allowing for too much structural damage.
At the moment the fire is out, but it is still too hot for [...]

A Glass Full.

There are dark beers, and there are light beers. There are malty beers and there are hoppy beers. There are many different types of beers out there, and no style is the same. Within each style, each brewery will brew a different beer differing slightly from other breweries’ offerings. From the [...]

From the Mountains to the Sea!

From the mountains to the coast, Pop The Cap is moving. We’ve sat on our rear ends for too long here in the triangle. The furthest west we’ve held events has been Winston-Salem. The furthest east has been Edenton in Raleigh.
During the next two weeks we’re going to be vastly expanding those [...]