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Big Beers on the Virginia Line!

beerinator.com forums member GCBrewingCo supplied us with a nice tidbit of news that he gathered from the Triangle’s closest high gravity beer store. Southern Gourmet (BeerAdvocate reviews) located at 220 Mount Cross Rd in Danville, Virginia seems to be adding some good beers to their line-up. It appears that they’re adding a few [...]

Top of the Hill’s ”Brewery Academy”

Want to learn how brewing is done on a Brewpub level? Top of the Hill in downtown Chapel Hill is hosting their Brewery Academy this Saturday, June 26th.
The class starts at 8:00am and runs through 12:30pm. It will focus on the brewing process, with both brewers (John and George) walking you through a [...]

All About All About Beer

Our own local beer celebrity, Julie Bradford, receives a nice piece of press this week. Julie just happens to be the editor of All About Beer, which is a world wide magazine that is devoted to something we are all interested in.
Both, the Durham Herald Sun and WRAL have posted an article on their [...]

Carolina Spring Bock Rollout Parties

GCBrewingCo dropped this bit of beerinformation in our forums.
“Hello there. Can I offer you a goat? For all of you who are familiar with CBC, you’ve probably been waiting for this email since the goat moved on to greener pastures last May. For our new found friends, a brief note on the horned, bearded fella: [...]

Winston Brewpub Announced

Flash provided us with a bit of news today;
First a new brewpub in Greensboro set to open this spring, and now….
From Triad Business Journal today…
“City planners have approved preliminary drawings for a brew pub in downtown W-S and the co-owners hope to have the brewery and restaurant open by late summer. Bob Hiller who owns [...]

Are we going to get Frostbitten? Or not?

Two years ago, we were sipping cask conditioned Frostbite, lovingly poured for us at the Speakeasy in Carrboro. This was a very fine situation. Frostbite had just become a 12 ounce bottled product, and it was also available on regular co2 lines scattered across the triangle. Cottonwood Brewery products kept the brewery [...]

Microbrewery planned in downtown Greensboro!

beerinator.com member Flash posted the following news about a new Greensboro brewpub on beeradvocate.com. I stole this news without asking, just like I steal all of my other news! This should be a great move for the triad area, and it’ll provide Greensboro drinkers with another craft beer option.
Following is what AKSmokedPorter had [...]

beerinator.com MONSTER tasting…

Ok, it looks like I have about 10-12 beers for us to taste this coming Sunday. This is not going to be a drunkard type event.
We plan to start tasting by 3.30 in the afternoon, and taste until we stop. Many of the beers that I will have are going to be strong [...]

The Pssschtt and the Ahhhhhh.

A question I occasionally hear from wine drinkers is, “Why do you like beer better than wine?” Sometimes it is difficult to come up with a concrete answer to this question without starting a heated discussion. I usually will ramble on about how the flavors are more interesting to me, or how beer [...]

Bottling at The Mash House

I recently was given the honor to do a days work at one of North Carolina’s best breweries. They needed help getting some bottling done, and since I have years of experience at bottle lifting, I was ‘hired’. The Mash House has been bottling their beers for a couple of months now, so [...]