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A work in progress timeline of beer and brewing history in North Carolina.

Year — History

1774 — Single Brother’s Brewery and Distillery opens on Old Shallowford Road in Salem.

1908 — May 26: “North Carolina became the first southern state to enact statewide prohibition of alcoholic beverages.” Source Link

1920 — January: Prohibition begins when the 18th Amendment goes into effect on January 16th.

1933 — North Carolina votes against the ratification of the 21st Amendment.

1933 — December: 21st Amendment repeals the 18th, ending prohibition.

1935 — It is two years after the federal repeal before North Carolina repeals prohibition.

1936 — North Carolina Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association is established.

1937 — State ABC Commission was formed by the NC State Government.

1970 — Stroh Brewing Company opens a brewery in Winston-Salem.

1978 — Miller Brewing opens a brewery in Eden.

1983 — Legal drinking age in NC raised from 18 to 21 years of age.

1985 — An amendment to NC’s lawbooks, spearheaded by Uli Bennewitz, makes Brewpubs legal in North Carolina.

1986 — Uli Bennewitz’s Weeping Radish becomes North Carolina’s first brewpub. Location: Manteo.

1988 — Weeping Radish opens second brewpub in Durham.

1988 — Dilworth Brewery opens brewery and restaurant in Charlotte.

1989 — Summer: Greenshields Brewing Co. brews first batch at their brewpub in Raleigh.

1990 — April: Loggerhead Brewing opened in Greensboro.

1991 — March 12th: Red Oak Brew Pub opened under the name Spring Garden Brewing in Greensboro, NC.

1992 — Cottonwood Brewery opens a brewpub in Boone.

1993 — Smoky Mountain Brewing Company opens in Waynesville.

1994 — Wilmington Brewery opens in Wilmington.

1994 — January 1st: Toisnot Brewing opened in Wilson on January 1, 1994.

1994 — November: Olde Hickory Brewery opens brewpub in Hickory.

1994 — December: Highland Brewing brews first batch in Asheville at their brewery on Biltmore Avenue.

1995 — Carolina Brewing Company starts making beer in Holly Springs.

1995 — Johnson Beer Company a bottling brewery opens in Charlotte.

1995 — Loggerhead Brewing closes their facility in Greensboro.

1995 — Old Raleigh Brewing opens in Raleigh.

1995 — Southend Brewery and Smokehouse opens a brewpub in Charlotte.

1995 — February: Carolina Brewery opens its doors to diners and drinkers in Chapel Hill.

1995 — June: Front Street Brewing brews first batch at their brewpub in Wilmington.

1996 — Huske Hardware House opens a brewpub and begins brewing in Fayetteville.

1996 — Pinehurst Village Brewery brews and bottles its first batch in Aberdeen.

1996 — Steve & Clark’s Brewpub opens its doors in downtown Durham. At the old Weeping Radish site.

1996 — Tomcat Brewing opens in Raleigh.

1996 — Top of the Hill begins brewing at their brewpub, right in the middle of downtown Chapel Hill.

1996 — Woodhouse Brewing opens in Kernersville.

1997 — A year after opening, Woodhouse Brewing closes.

1997 — Jack of the Wood opens in downtown Asheville, NC.

1997 — Old Raleigh Brewing closes its doors in Raleigh.

1997 — Pale Ale Brewery begins brewing where Tomcat Brewing ended in Raleigh.

1997 — Cottonwood Brewery wins bronze at the GABF for Low Down Brown.

1997 — November: Carolina Beer & Beverage opens in Mooresville.

1998 — Cross Creek Brewing opens in Fayetteville.

1998 — Dilworth Brewery closes its doors in Charlotte.

1998 — Two Moons Brew-N-View opens in Asheville, NC as a movie theater/brewpub.

1998 — November: Southend Brewery and Smokehouse opens in Raleigh.

1999 — Two Moons Brew-N-View changes names. The new name becomes Asheville Pizza and Brewing

1999 — Rock Creek Brewing moves to NC from VA. They take over the Pale Ale Brewery in Raleigh.

1999 — Stroh Brewing Company closes their Winston-Salem brewery

1999 — March: Ham’s Restaurant and Brewhouse starts brewing in Greenville, NC.

1999 — July: Catawba Valley Brewing opens in Glen Alpine.

1999 — December: Lake Norman Brewing Company opens in Cornelius.

2000 — Johnson Beer Company closes its doors in Charlotte.

2000 — Williamsville Brewery takes over Wilmington Brewery in Farmville.

2000 — February: Olde Hickory Brewery opens a second micro-brewery in Hickory.

2000 — June: Lake Norman Brewing Company closes its Cornelius brewery.

2000 — November: Carolina Beer & Beverage takes over the Cottonwood line of beers. Don Richardson, formerly of Cottonwood, takes over lead brewing responsibilities at Carolina Beer & Beverage.

2000 — December: French Broad River Brewery opens in Asheville. Founder, Jonas Rembert, left Jack of the Wood to start this new brewery.

2001 — Chesapeake Bay Brewing Co. buys the Rock Creek Brewing name and starts making beer in the same location in Raleigh.

2001 — Tobacco Roadhouse begins brewing where Steve & Clark’s Brewpub left off, Durham.

2001 — Mash House Restaurant & Brewery wins Gold at the GABF for their Hoppy Hour IPA.

2002 — Olde Hickory Brewery renames their original brewpub Amos Howard’s Restaurant & Brew Works. The micro-brewery they opened in 2000 retains the Olde Hickory name.

2002 — January: Liberty Steakhouse brews first batch in High Point.

2003 — January: Pop The Cap holds its first official meeting.

2003 — April: Chesapeake Bay Brewing Co. closes its doors in Raleigh.

2003 — July: beerinator.com begins in earnest.

2003 — November: Edenton Brewing Company opens on the old Chesapeake Bay site in Raleigh.

2004 — March: Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery opens in Farmville on the site of the now closed Williamsville Brewery.

2004 — Summer: Natty Greene’s Pub & Brewing Co. opens in Greensboro.

2004 — August: A fire at the brewpub forces Greenshield’s Brewing to close their doors.

2004 — Ham’s Restaurant & Brewhouse wins Bronze at the GABF for their Charlie’s Barley Amber Ale.

2005 — February 24th: House Bill 392 the “Pop The Cap” bill is introduced to the State House of Representatives.

2005 — March: Foothills Brewery opens in Winston-Salem.

2005 — June: Pisgah Brewing starts brewing in Black Mountain.

2005 — August 13th: North Carolina’s new 15% Cap is born! All thanks to Pop The Cap!

2006 — Highland Brewing opens new, larger, brewery in east Asheville. The old brewery on Biltmore Avenue (underneath Barley’s taproom) is phased out and closed.

2007 — Spring: Natty Greene’s Brewing Co. opens production only facility in addition to brew pub to keep up with demand. First bottles of Natty Greene’s core beers roll off the line Spring of 2007.

2007 — July 4th: Triangle Brewing Company opens a microbrewery in Durham, NC

2007 — August 6th: Carolina Brewery opens it’s second Brewpub location in Pittsboro.

2007 — January: Edenton Brewing changes ownership and names. Big Boss Brewing Company resumes brewing operations at the same location in Raleigh.

2008 — May: Wedge Brewing Company opens in Asheville, NC with Iron Rail IPA and Community Porter.

2008 — November: Aviator Brewing opens and begins brewing in an airport hangar in Fuquay Varina.

2009 — January 20th: LoneRider Brewing Company has their official debut and their first brewery tour happens three days later.

2009 — February 27th: Boylan Bridge Brewpub opens in Raleigh at 3pm. First beers available: Gateway Golden, Rail Pale Ale, Bruno Bitter, Polar Bear Winter Beer, Pullman Porter and Southbound Stout.

2009 — February: OysterHouse Brewing Company begins brewing operations at The Lobster Trap in Asheville, NC.

2009 — February: The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery starts production in Charlotte, NC.

This page is a work in progress, we know we are missing many dates and details. So if you know of other news we should have on this page, feel free to send it over, using our contact form. Thanks!

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