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Asheville’s “Beer City Bash”

Asheville is having a party to celebrate the accomplishment of being co-named Beer City, USA in a poll arranged by Charlie Papazian. This article contains a press release about the Bash, being held in at “The Orange Peel” in Asheville on Friday, June 26th. Congrats Asheville! and Congrats to NC for having such an awesome Beer City!

Ashevegas Loves Sam

Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales sent their founder and President, Sam Calagione, to spend a few days drinking in one of North Carolina’s beeriest cities. A few area beer blogs have captured what happened over the weekend in words and pictures.

Asheville Beer City

Psst. Other people now know that Asheville is a great beer city.

We’re not sure how they all found out, but they did, and they voted for the North Carolina city on a national poll. You can check out the poll that Charlie Papazian started on his blog.

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